has been a "dream in the making" since 1989. I have developed so many applications for businesses of all types and sizes; wholesale, distribution, warehousing, logistics, transportation, import, export ... I mean, if it is a business of any kind, I must to developed something for it directly or indirectly.

It has been my life long dream to develop an application where I can compile all of those years of experience, all of those features and just let the world have it. It is like being a container filled beyond capacity and in need to let it all out.

I strongly believe that I have accomplished that with Now mind you, and anyone that uses will likely agree with me here, it is strong, stable, scalable and yet, the simplest application you can possibly use ever and I take great pride in that.

Said CEO and Founder Jose D. Lerebours

Our vision continues to be the pursuit of that stable application that offers our user base everything they need to run their business.

We are service providers, we provide a service and we owe our user base our existence and as such, their every needs are critically important; and only by providing solutions and fulfilling their needs, will be successful.

Our recipe:

  • Nothing is ever a problem
  • Should a problem arise, solve it at its root!
  • A patch is not a solution
  • Everything is critically important
  • Time is money, never waste your customers' time!
  • If it is not intuitive, it is counter productive
  • If the developer is the only one that can use it, it is worthless
  • Always doubt it works till you have exhausted every means it can be used without braking it!
  • If it breaks, the user did nothing wrong, we did!
  • Do it once, do it right and you wont have to hear about it again!

Now, take all of that and mix it all in with kindness, respect and professional attitude, we believe that the end-product will be something all parties involved will be proud of.


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First and foremost, we are a "Software Development Company".


With that out of the way, we are fully committed to providing our business partners the support their need in every area we can.

We realize the software cannot remain static and like so, neither are most businesses. We will not attempt to be the jack of all trades and master of none, so, here are the business areas we can be of assistance right off the bat:

Custom Software Development

Let our team of developers do what they do best, write code. We have a very diverse team with skills in a number of programming languages and with over 70 years of combined experience. Not only are we experienced developers, we also listen and take notes!

Web Hosting

Let us host your website. We offer affordable and secured web hosting.

Website Development

This is right up our alley ... Let us take care of this for you, just give us a call!

Credit Card Processing Integration

Just let us know when you're ready to start accepting credit cards, we have just what you need.

Supported Operating Systems

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Everything you need at your fingertips ...


The ability to quickly produce a quote often is the difference between getting and loosing a contract.

Not only will you produce quotes from anywhere in the world, but it will be professional looking as well.

Produce well laid out, detailed and easy to read quotes. Print to paper, PDF and/or send via eMail for a quick turn around.


From QUOTE to SALE ... Now lets get those invoices out!

Having the ability to produce invoices is critically important, having accurate invoices is even more important.

Now, a nice looking invoice on top of that is icing on the cake.


You may sale small loose items off a retail storefront, be a handyman or service contractor; all is fine and is a perfect fit for you.

Now, you may be involved in remodeling an entire international airport, then what? Not a problem! has all that is needed to track and manage every aspect of any project regardless of size.

Read More Features ...
EZ Sales Order
  • Allows real-time update of reserved, available inventory.
  • Allows for invoicing of non-inventory items.
  • Allows to backorder stock items and later linked to your purchasing module automatically.
  • Sells by SY, SF or any user defined unit of measure.
  • Unlimited lines per invoice. Each line has extended comments field for better detailed invoicing.
  • Prints multiple custom forms.
  • Draws commission, costing on-the-fly.
  • Holds up to 3 salesmen.
  • Commission can be drawn from a chart (user defined) or based on manual commission settings.
  • Sales and Use tax.
  • Tax table for multiple tax liability (county, city, etc.).
  • Able to hold an invoice from posting until ready to post.
  • Automatically post to customer file and related ledgers.
  • Reprint posted Order Entry invoices from history.
  • User-defined sale tax rate.
EZ Job Costing
  • Track cost real time.
  • Load Expense reports directly to Jobs.
  • Generate AP automatically as jobs are posted or completed.
  • Automatically adjust commission(s) due as cost/revenue fluctuates.
  • Draw cost from purchase orders and/or inventory.
  • Much more ...
EZ Commission
  • Automatically drawn based on revenue vs cost.
  • Flexible table based commission levels.
  • User defined commission override.
  • AP Integrated.
  • PO Integrated.
EZ Inventory
  • Tracks Cut & Roll Prices.
  • Promotional pricing by date.
  • Tracks Spiff and Rebates.
  • Tracks Average Costing.
  • Integrated with Sample Control.
  • Custom Price List by
  • Customer/Item
  • Allows up to five price levels.
  • Allows unlimited item types (user-defined).
  • Automatic stock number.
  • Safe stock level and reorder amount.
  • Tracks Roll and Non-Roll Items.
  • Easy access by name, part number, vendor, style, color, etc.
  • Maintains sale and purchase history.
  • Tracks real-time On Hand, On Order, Reserved and Available.
  • Allows you to sale On Order goods.
  • Unit Conversion Table.
  • View Roll items in botch SF & SY.
  • Multiple Warehouse Capable.
EZ Purchasing
  • Add vendor and inventory on-the-fly.
  • Generates purchase order from under-stock inventory items.
  • Generates purchase order from back ordered sales.
  • Prints PO forms with and without cost.
  • Integrated with your payable invoices for verification of materials and costs.
EZ Accounts Receivable
  • Fully integrated AR Ledger.
  • New customers can be added during transaction entry.
  • Customer file shows YTD charges, YTD payments, YTD credits, YTD discounts, etc.
  • Customer accounts can be flagged to stop sales and/or notify management.
  • Customer accounts can be excluded from monthly statement reports, finance charges.
  • Automatically calculates and bills finance charges to delinquent accounts.
  • Maintain activity history and full ledger for each customer.
  • Provides aged reports, due reports, contact reports, etc.
  • Easy data access by name, code, address, salesman, etc.
EZ Cash Receipts
  • Accepts multiple payment types.
  • Partial and full payments.
  • Automatically calculates applicable discounts.
  • General Ledger Integrated.
  • Bank Register Integrated.
EZ Accounts Payable
  • Integrated with your Purchase Order Module.
  • Integrated with Commission and Job Costing Modules.
  • Computes early payments discounts.
  • Allows you to take discount even if paying past due date.
  • Invoices can be individually factored. Check writing utility will pay invoices to their respective factors keeping the activity logged to the original vendor/distributor.
  • Default general ledger accounts to ease data entry and minimize errors.
EZ Cash Disbursements
  • Prints checks (single or batch).
  • Allows to void posted checks. Re-opening all paid transactions and debits your cash account automatically.
  • Computes early payments discounts.
  • Allows you to take discount even if paying past due date.
  • Checks can pay unlimited transactions, including open credits.
  • Allows you to partially pay and take a discount on a transaction simultaneously.
EZ Bank Register
  • Allows multiple bank accounts.
  • Full accounts reconciliation utilities.
  • Processes deposit slips.
  • Easily accessible from A/R and A/P.
  • Prints check and deposit register.
EZ General Ledger
  • User-defined numbering of accounts with up to 4 digits.
  • Allows multiple departments.
  • Allows transaction posting to future financial periods.
  • Comprehensive financial reports.
  • On-Screen running debit and credit during transaction entry.
  • Automatic posting to appropriate ledger accounts from all integrated modules.
  • Complete posting and audit trail utilities.
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Related Industries


With a wealth of integrated modules tightly designed to seamlessly and transparently roll data in and out maintaining a live inventory, paired with multiple warehousing capabilities and custom customer profile system, is an application ready to handle your wholesale business.

Our ability to integrate with shipping companies such as CargoSAAS©, FedEx©, UPS© and Unishipper© makes it even easier to flawlessly handle your orders from placement to delivery.


At the heart of the application are its inventory & purchasing modules. These are closely related to both, Sales and Billing (Receivable and Payable) and offer the strength you will soon love and the flexibility you will quickly learn you cannot live without; such as user defined units of measure and ability to buy from multiple vendors. Offering multiple price levels, custom price list, spiff, rebates, re-order level (based on user defined safety level) ... Automatically purchase your inventory shortages and never miss a delivery!


Multiple store capable, multiple warehousing capable, showroom ready, point of sale ready, back office sale ready, shopping cart ready, credit card processing ready ... is your turn key solution for any retail environment.

Produce all the forms you need to securely handle dispatch, work orders, pick tickets and work schedules. Manage your sales personnel and mechanics with ease and intuitive flow; we speak your language!


From Plumbing, HVAC Repairs, Windows & Doors, Kitchen & Bath, Paint & Cleaning, General Repairs ... it simply makes no difference, ease of use and its strength in maintaining data integrity is the technological backbone you need to give your business and your staff the boost you have been looking for!

Let your staff do what they do and maintain project data up to date without having to sit behind a desk, they can do it right from the job site.

Take advantage of this offer now and take your business to the next level!